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    Rizhixin Silicone Rubber Products (Shenzhen)Co.LTD
    Name:wells (13923890617)
    Network access: www.www.oahusuperstore.com
    Address:NO.86Xingping Road,Longxi,Longgang

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    Shenzhen Rizhixin Silicone Rubber Electrolic Co.LTD is the brunch of Thanghe Rizhixin,which is established for more than 10 years,and there are many other brunches located in Shenzhen and Henan.Our company has a professional producing team and vocuum machines more than 160 sets.
         Our company  keeps a  positive and  enthusiasm attitude toward our clients.It uses 100% silicone material,high quality and  low price."Do the best quality,show the best service is our purpose." We are always challenging ourselves In order to develope a creative road,we try hard to meet every customers requirements'and show our best honesty to them.
         Main products:silicone ice and snow grips,silicone watch,silicone cup cover,cup mat,mouse pad,silicone ice cube tray,ashtray,cake mold,family appliance,baby products,communication set,creative gifts,control keyboads,kitchenware and so on.


    2014(c)Rizhixin Silicone Rubber Products (Shenzhen)Co.LTD  Address: NO.86Xingping Road,Longxi,Longgang   Tel: 0755-89750011  Fax: 0755-89751086  Website: www.www.oahusuperstore.com

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