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    Rizhixin Silicone Rubber Products (Shenzhen)Co.LTD
    Name:wells (13923890617)
    Network access: www.www.oahusuperstore.com
    Address:NO.86Xingping Road,Longxi,Longgang

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    Talent thought

    Direction: for identification with company, positive, match word to deed, devotion;

    Talent concept: respect, cooperation, win-win situation, achievement;

    Employing principles: open, fair, justice, preferred to use;

    1: the talent standard character, have both ability and political integrity;

    The 2 view of talents: reasonable is exercise, unreasonable temper

    Welfare benefits

    Our company is not lacking, but the shortage of talent. If you want to develop in this industry, and have experience can contact the HR Department of the company!

    Recruitment center

    Regional director of sales clerk

    Development and training

    Knowledge is power.

    Armed with the knowledge of their minds, continue to learn on the job,

    Recharge yourself.

    A step by step a thousand miles. Every day to learn, with short time, many a little makes a mickle, build knowledge giants.

    The company will be different for different grades of staff training, let you more than to learn their professional skills, more can learn all kinds of management skills. Through the training and the open class teaching form, let you accept a variety of training.

    There is no end to learning, let us set sail!

    Based on the long-term, and grow together.

    2019(c)Rizhixin Silicone Rubber Products (Shenzhen)Co.LTD  Address: NO.86Xingping Road,Longxi,Longgang   Tel: 0755-89750011  Fax: 0755-89751086  Website: www.www.oahusuperstore.com

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